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Itä-Hakkilan kylärieha 2013

Jennifer, julkaisu 31.8.2013

The day started with an early wake-up. We set up the tent around 8:30 a.m., and began welcoming people as early as 9 or 9:30. Last year we had a cotton candy machine, and this year, we wanted to try something different: mölkky!

The game is about as Finnish as you can get. I had never even heard of it, let alone seen it before I moved to Finland – and I still have a hard time pronouncing it. Everyone has a different set of rules. The day’s rules at the Itä-Vantaan Kokoomus’ tent: throw twice, and if you knock down all or all but one, you win the big prize. Children always won a small prize anyway, just for trying.

How mölkky goes is basically like this: You stand on a marked spot and throw a small “log” at a set of smaller “logs” arranged in a triangle, and try to knock them down. Usually numbers are on the top of the smaller logs, and some people knock them down according to numerical order, while others use the numbers just to calculate the points. Sometimes the small logs are painted like gnomes. I can imagine the sauna gnomes do not appreciate this, and act accordingly. Some people throw overhanded, some underhanded, some sling it from the side or try to bounce it. Like I said, everyone has their own rules. 

Our big prize? Two tickets to the Hakunila swimming hall. We had a few winners – most of which were children! Congratulations to you all.

As the first event after the summer holidays, we had a great time and a lot of buzz around the tent. We got to meet a lot of locals, and lots of people we remembered and remembered us from the last year. We met a new member (welcome!) – and we had a lot of fun overall. Seeing everyone after the summer break was lovely, too.  

In a couple of weeks is the Hakunila-päivä event in the Hakunila shopping center’s market square. We have a lot of interesting guests and some fun stuff for the family planned. If you missed us at the kylärieha, try to get out to the Hakunila-päivä. We’d be happy to see you!

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